Welcome to Born without Boundaries. Join my journey reading tarot, writing my novel, and blazing my own trail. My novel, 96 (click on the tab above for a story synopsis of book one and concept art) is a story of twin flames and human history. It borrows from fringe theories made popular by Zecharia Sitchin in the 1970s. It weaves a tale of hidden truths and unsolved mysteries through the fated meeting of two people who are connected by a bond they don’t understand. 96 Unfolding is the first of three novels and it’s currently in the editing stages. Join the journey to learn all about my process, the characters, and this journey through the crazy world of publishing.

Along the way, enjoy the Daily tarot card readings I provide through my YouTube channel of the same name. Divine inspiration, guidance, encouragement and straight-talk from me and people who are on the same path as you. As we stumble forward enjoying the view we stay the course and make our dreams come true.

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