I want to be a ghost for you that breathe upon your neck
in a darkened room, a haunting thought that won’t let you be, like you are a ghost to me.
I want to be the spirit that drives you crazy with thoughts you can’t loose,
I want to be in you, around you, beside you, and bring you to your knees.
I want you to listen without being able to hush me and to feel me in the room without
Being able to touch me. I’ll circle you and chill the room, and send the same chill down your spine and that cold sensation will be your only relation to what’s real but can’t be seen. Inside and deep down were the memory of me lives a corpse alive and new that you did nothing but harm to and I’ll wait for you in my ethereal form and beat you like a drum creating the rhythm to which your death toll will resound and faintly hit a sound that’s as high a pitch that drops so high it becomes low and your head will spin so rapid and rushed you perceive you’re moving slow. But your perceptions are deceptions just as you were to me. I’ll be the ghost that haunts you and brings you to your knees. 

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