Goood Morning!!! This song is what I woke up to this morning,… in my head. It keeps playing over and over: “It’s not about the money  money  money… not about the price tag…  just wanna make the world dance…” –
Wonder why? LOL…
It’s a good mood morning. I like the way I feel. My son and Shelby are outside at the local Starbucks around the corner from where we are staying. We had a great breakfast!!! God Bless Starbucks (though I’m pretty sure he already has) for this free internet service. Such an easy and laid back environment. It’s a life saver. Local libraries are a big help with free internet service too, but you can’t eat while you type ;). In the AM, waking up hungry, this is the only option. We are VERY well fed. The universe has provided in this area. Friends, the community, as well as the little money I make every week have all contributed to our staying healthy and well fed. Shelby too 😉 Our car is a mess, we never know where we’re going to lay our heads, but our stomachs are full and that is a blessing.
Shelby is eyeing me through the glass door. We all eat breakfast together outside but because of my lap top battery (it’s shot) I had to come inside to plug in. I’m all of ten feet from them both if anyone is concerned. Shelby is concerned. She hasn’t stop giving me that HIGHLY EFFECTIVE puppy dog eye. I’m going to try to take a photo and attach it. She’s so damn cute.
… sorry, couldn’t get a good photo. Just imagine though, a perfect little cocker, head down, eyes up, baggy sacks beneath each eye making her look like she’s crying, peeking out from beneath the metal chair where I was sitting a couple of minutes ago. I get the hint.
I have to hit the road for now. Will be back later. But thank you Starbucks for the internet access. And thank you to my unnamed friend for the bed. And thank you to All the folks in our home town trying to help us. It’s a good mood day.

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