Goodnight everyone, whether one, or none, or a million of you are reading. Goodnight. I hope you understand why this entry has to be so short. My friend insists I have a fever, that my head, face and back are reddened and warm but I think I’m just feeling crappy. I hope it’s not as bad as a fever and all that. I can’t really go to a doctor right now. Some kind of flu is going around though and two of my girlfriends came down with something, so the possibility is there; I could have been infected. Oh well. Now I just need sleep. A deep sleep and lots of water. I certainly still have my appetite, but then, I made it through Mono with my appetite in tack. Never seem to loose it. The 15 extra pounds I’ve been carrying for the past five years will attest to that. Another challenge for another day.

One thing I will tell you before I leave; My family and I weathered Hurricane Irene unscathed. The wind felt good the next morning. The first two days of school have been canceled, but my son it’s registered yet anyway, so it’s a blessing in disguise. This way when he’s finally allowed into the school, he won’t be much behind everybody else. God Bless hurricane Irene. The bringer of blessings in disguise.

Now I’m going to bid you adieu… And sweet dreams. I promise to write a real blog entry soon, once I’m awake enough to focus my thoughts into words that accurately articulate them to you. Good night 🙂

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