@flyblackchick, you are fly no doubt. And that picture you posted of Prince was RE-DAMN-DICULOUS. And why??? WHY??? Because of that huge ass smile taking up his entire face. Has this man ever experienced a moment of self-doubt, of insecurity, in his entire life??? It’s reminded me of the Dave Chappelle episode where Charlie Murphy is sharing his “you can’t make that shit up” stories. Here it is:

Cracks me Up!!!! For real, I can’t handle it. Because it’s a TRUE story. This guy, this “Prince”, this man who was successful even without a friggin’ name, is good at just about everything he freakin’ tries. Even the unexpected things. If I made a list of Prince’s characteristics, physical and character traits, nobody would predict that this guy would be anything but a pee-on. Let’s do this:

Can’t be over 5’6″
maybe 95 lbs.
barely there facial hair
falsetto voice, frequented by feminine shrieks
Afro Pompadour

Now who the hell would read this list and say, yeah- that’s a macho sex symbol (though David Bowie also faired well- once again, talent). But he is! The man had women throwing themselves at him. It’s crazy! And as funky as his music is, it’s AWESOME !!! It’s revolutionary. He’s a fucking Genius!

And so I wonder, has this man ever in his life experienced a day of doubt; one damn day of, “ummm… maybe they won’t like this”, or does he just free flow his creativity from inspiration to creation? He’s like an unadulterated conduit for creativity. No hiccups of self doubt. He does what his instincts tell him to and he is a success for it. The man plays at least five instruments. He is no doubt a genius. He has an impossible sense of rhythm. He is self assured and doesn’t falter from his instincts. Confident? Yes. But self assured is more then that. It’s earned, not just learned. It’s better then confidence. Because, there are a lot of people out there that have confidence in themselves but aren’t worth a damn. Confidence is feeling good about yourself. But it’s over rated. Too many people are fooled by confidence. A person walks into a room believing in themselves and they get the job or the part or the chance, etc., because the interviewer, casting director, judge, etc., was too damn lazy to look beyond the confidence and see whether or not the person was actually worth what they advertised. It’s like self hype. And even at it’s sincerest, because the person honestly does believe in themselves, it could be unsubstantiated. William Hung believed in himself. So does Snooky. Neither has any talent at all. Yes, they’ve found a way to money, but I don’t think that money is synonymous with worthy-ness. Remember, the pet rock sold millions. Because people are easily fooled by hype. It’s a human weakness, begotten from laziness, of allowing yourself to believe what somebody else tells you so you don’t have to think for yourself, or take responsibility for the decisions you’ve made. “Everybody else did it”, “But it looked so good on T.V.”… neither are good reasons.
But Prince, Prince is a different story. He isn’t all hype. We rarely see him in interviews, he makes art not reality shows, he creates brilliant music, not auto-tuned, over produced mechanical compilations. He sells his products- his music, his videos, his movies- not himself. His personal life is relatively private, for someone that was so damn big. So he maintains his integrity. And to be self assured, you have to have integrity. To be assured to your chore, you have to be in touch with your chore, and be proud of what you find there. You have to not be afraid of it. And you have to not dwell to long on it. You have to trust it enough to let ideas and inspiration flow through it to the world outside. This is Prince. This is how he lives his life. And that is why his talent is so natural and free flowing. He is truly an inspiration to people like me; those who have always wanted to be artists, but keep getting in their own way. Let it flow, be who you are even when you’re surrounded by people who should hate you. It’s amazing how truth can move people.
Prince is awkward. He is unusual. He’s a damned abomination. And he’s brilliant. A force that has redefined music and entertainment for the better. And it all started deep inside a scrawny little pale-ass boy with an Afro Pompadour. Try that for beeting the odds.

This one’s my favorite- enjoy.

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