Oh Happy Day.

I’m WORKING today!!! No amount of clouds could grey my sky or block my sun today. I feel like I’ve just won the lotto. Substitute teaching isn’t glamorous, it doesn’t pay well, and it’s not consistent but I love it love it love it and I get to do it today. You know, I’m one hell of a teacher. Children I had subbed for last year come up to me and say “hi” in the halls. They remember me. I remember them too. I feel so connected. Though names escape me I never forget faces and I LOVE that they remember me. I have such fun with my classes. Though I am not a full fledge teacher yet, I will be, oh yes I will be. And that job isn’t that glamorous either. Or well paid. But it’s a calling and I love it. Just like acting. Which I will always be and do. Never giving that up. And what I realized this morning is I never should. Our dreams are our deepest desires realized. And our intutions are our soul’s voice shouting out to us. What makes us happy, what feels right to us, is always what we should be doing. And today, at 6:19 in the morning, I know I’m on the right path. Doing what I need to do to get by and getting to enjoy myself while I do it. FAITH. Oh, I love it. I’ve hugged Shelby about 50 million times this morning. I’m sure my bad breath is killing her. And my beautiful son is refusing to rise, so I will have to kiss him and tickle him more to get him UP UP UP!!! I have to be to work in and hour!!!!!

Oh Happy Day 🙂

Ha Ha Ha! Before Glee! Turn it up REAL loud, especially if you’re in the OFFICE 😉 Cuz music is the best medicine for the soul and praise is the best way to start your day 😀

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