Suicide 911

     Douglas and I have gone through family therapy. Douglas even went through an intensive program called “Prospects” through the Mid Fairfield Child Guidance Center in Norwalk, CT. I didn’t like the program. But our counselor there was AWESOME. Her name was Susan and she was REALLY good with the both of us. Reaching out for help when my son hurt his foot was so easy. It’s not so easy when the problems aren’t physical. We both came through our bout with therapist’s and psychiatrists unscathed. And as far as therapy goes, we’re all the better for it. But Douglas’s issues seemed simple compared to issues that my friend is going through. She has a beautiful 15 year old daughter who planned her own death. She’s a “cutter”. And she’s been admitted to a psychiatric facility.
     I can’t describe the pain I saw on my friend’s face last night. She was grey with fear. Our parental instincts are to protect our children, but how do we protect them from them selves? I was scared for her. And I want to help. I just don’t really know what the next step should be. It sounds so stupid. Because the facility she is in is filled with experts. But then why are they releasing her the way the are? Not that I wish institutionalization on her daughter; I certainly do not but what will an inexperienced mother and grandmother be able to do with a girl who is still very much at risk for some sort of self mutilation? I wish it were as clear cut as drug issues, then rehabs would be easy to find. Cutting is actually addictive, it certainly is to her daughter and obviously this girl’s life is at risk because she’s suicidal. So why aren’t there sort of “half-way” programs for this sort of condition? A place where her daughter will still be under around the clock watch and care by specialists and experts, but also be in an open, less “hospital” like; a place that will help her get ready to go back to school and return to her social group. She needs a little acclimation. She needs some more time to get herself together and feel stronger about who she is. She needs to understand her impulses better and learn how to combat them; so the voices that say “end it” can be silenced. She needs to find some way to love herself enough to not want to end her life anymore. I’m afraid that the three nights of group therapy per week won’t be enough. And the strain on my friend is IMMENSE. How is she supposed to rehabilitate her own child? Not that it CAN’T be done but as a mother, there is no way she can be objective enough toward her daughter to get her back on her feet. I wish someone else could come in and help.
     So, I’m looking for specialists. I’m looking for programs. And I want you to contact me with ALL sorts of contacts. We live in Fairfield County, CT. I don’t think she would be okay with sending her daughter too far away. Silver Hill hospital is a huge facility, but EXTREMELY expensive and I’m not sure it would be a good fit. But maybe I’m wrong. I’m going to make a lot of calls tomorrow. Have to put more minutes on this pay as you go phone. But I want proper care for this girl. And for her family; which is an all to commonly over looked entity in this painful ordeal. What with this second big high school suicide all over the Internet, it seems like suicide is running rampant. That’s TERRIFYING. It’s not that I haven’t always known it happened, but why is it now so rampant? Just over this weekend other one of their friends, a young man, attempted to OD on pills. What exactly is going on? It seemed like in my high school years getting pregnant was the impulse. We had four girls in my grade alone all pregnant within a year of each other. Their children are beautiful and high school graduates by now, but just thank GOD they all had parental support. Imagine the horror they’d have had to live through without it? And now, Suicide. Babies aren’t half as bad. There’s a future in a baby (not that I’m promoting teen pregnancy) but Suicide? Why isn’t anyone drilling it into their heads – that’s FINAL. It’s not something to bounce back from. Too much. And at too young of an age. I want to hold my son tight all night long. But he’s sleeping over a friends house. Good thing for Good friends. It was this girls best friend that reported her suicide plan to a school counselor. Were it not for that ground zero kind of intervention, this story could be a whole lot sadder. God I hope for a friend like that for all kids. And maybe that’s the best way to reach teenagers- their piers. Because when are they every really willing to listen to us? But as long as someone is listening and taking action, they’ll stand a fighting chance. Friendship. So I’m hoping my twitter friends can help me. I’m mentioning so many people in this blog. It’s only the beginning of my search but I figured reaching out online was worth a try.

Please contact me at With any leads, information and insight. THANK TO YOU ALL!!!!

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