*Miss Representation* My take on Media

I just watched this clip from  Miss Representation—

It inspired some thought, man… I don’t think HALF of our problems come from MEN,
or how they still run the media, or the friggin’ world…
It’s US! And the fact that too many of us still care so much about what men
expect from us and what other people think of us.
It’s one thing to care what they think about us, you know, on 
a personal level. Worrying your hair is out of place, or your lipstick is too dark,
or will they like this dress? I don’t want women to think the only way to be independent
is to be ambiguous or monotone and not enjoy just how beautiful their bodies are. 
Take Barbie for example (she had a cameo, or course)..
I LOVE Barbie. Always have, still do. Because she’s sexy. She’s sexy as hell but she’s EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE. NOBODY held Barbie back. She was an astronaut for God Sake AND she made that space suit look gooood. She didn’t have to dull down her hair or eyes or figure to fit into the suit. She brings the house down and turns heads by being who she is at all times. And then some stupid movement is going to change the look of Barbie, making her boobs smaller because it’s “offensive” to women? 
Well not THIS woman.
Barbie’s boobies never offended me. Her waste size did. Well, not offended as much as scared me, because honestly, it looks like it hurts. It’s as big as her head… where does her food go to? And how exactly does she stand up because she doesn’t look that sturdy? Maybe that’s why the breasts look so big. And she still has those REALLY unrealistic feet, always in a high-heel shape. Those REALLY look uncomfortable. They could have changed those with all these modern materials that reshape and bend and flex. But no, they attack the boobies.Ya see, they didn’t need to change Barbie’s breasts, because breasts happen to be naturally occurring things. But take that waste size up a little. Seriously. Now Barbie’s figure is just a little bit closer to that really sick and even scarier “Ambiguous Alien” frame with the super big head, liner torso and long legs. 
Why does every “feminist” effort end in women looking less and less like women and more and more ambiguous? Even in the video, almost everyone interviewed is wearing no make up or their “natural look” face paint. Is it really a positive message to tell women they can be anything they want to be as long as they don’t look like women when they do it? You can be a CEO, but you better not look good. You can be an astronaut but we better not catch you wearing heals into work. Into work people! Not at work. I’m sure being an astronaut would be pretty uncomfortable in heels, hell, most things are uncomfortable in heels. So why do I wear them??? Oh, I suppose it’s the YEARS of oppression and male induced servitude.
Or it’s just that I like heels. I think they’re freakin HOT and LOVE the way they make my legs look and despite the fact that you have to learn to walk in them they’re fun as hell to wear and even more fun to shop for. 
But I better not say that. ‘Cause a man put that idea into my head right? And the only truly liberated women are the ones with arm pit hair and no make up…
When are we going to show some more respect for each other then this?
And THAT’s the problem. We’re still clawing and ripping instead of listening and supporting.
I loved the clip of Hilary vs. Sarah featured in this video. The headline read 
“the bitch and the ditz”
but honestly, I never saw either of them that way, initially. I agree that Sarah Palin is a ditz but it
wasn’t something a headline told me. I watched her interviews and her debates (no, not just the Tina Fey impersonations) and made that decision all for myself, thank you. Because I’m capable see… of actually forming my own ideas based on information I collect from experiences I have or occurrences I take note of.
No media makes decisions for me. And it shouldn’t make decisions for anybody. There is always 
another story to read and angle to gain. Keep looking and listening to all different opinions and experiences. You shouldn’t believe it just because someone says it. Question. Synthesize information.
THINK FOR YOURSELF!!! Only then are you truly BEING YOURSELF!
And that’s why I have to wonder if videos like this are any good, or if they are just selling themselves on hype just like everything else. It worries me because these are the opinions we’re supposed to listen to but I don’t believe the problem is that “the media” is giving the wrong message. It’s that too many people are willing, if not wanting, to believe it. More people then not want nothing more then to be told what to think. They believe what they hear, read or see because they don’t want to commit to the sometimes lengthy and stressful process of THINKING. This isn’t a feminist issue, it’s a Collective Conscience issue. As long as we allow ourselves to NOT participate it’s going to keep us unbalanced and riddled with discord. We’re going to keep flopping back and forth from one side to another because that’s all the collective conscience is capable of. That’s it. It’s that simple. You allow other people to make up your mind for you then you loose your friggin’ mind. Take care of what’s important to you. 
So Why then did I re post the link?
In hopes to encourage discussion, thought, debate. To get us thinking!!! This is one view. A solid and well produced view. So, bring on another one. Don’t just BELIEVE it because it included celebrity interviews. THINK about it. Let it roll around in your head a little. Think if you really buy all of what it’s saying, some of what it’s saying, none of what it’s saying or bits and pieces of what it’s saying, and then formulate your own argument. We owe it to ourselves to join in the conversation that people like journalists, news casters, film makers, playwrights, authors, performers, politicians, scientists, etc., have begun. It’s OUR world, not just THEIR world. Let’s start talking about it. Let’s start thinking about what is being said and if it is in fact a well rounded argument and remember, it can’t be a well rounded argument if we don’t join in.
I do believe this argument is well rounded. I do believe there are strains of truth here and that it’s message has weight. I just don’t know if I really buy all of what it is saying. I don’t agree that the media puts ideas into our heads. I believe the media, always and absolutely biased based on the opinions of the people who are funding it, puts ideas in front of us. It’s our decision whether to let those ideas in and even more our responsibility for allowing those messages to become our reality. 
Don’t let someone Else’s take on things convince you so easily.
The media’s job is NOT to think for us, it is to INSPIRE us to think, to provide things for us to think about. We are the ones allowing it to think for us. 
Let the conversation begin. 
And let it continue without interruption, censorship, alterations OR without question, confrontation or opposition. 

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