12 Step programs- OPTIONAL!

It has been an important part of my life experience getting to know and trying to understand my son’s father. Through him I was introduced to the world of people who struggle with addiction. It is fair to say my emotions toward him have colored my beliefs. It is also fair to say that in general I am an intelligent and sure minded person capable of formulating rational, unemotionally biased arguments. I was driven to find this information because of my emotional reactions. Reading it, researching it, and my continued interest in it has been a fascination that is 100% rational.
12 Step programs ARE NOT the only option to drug rehabilitation. And one thing that my emotions and rational agree on is that when a loved one suffers from such a dangerous disorder you want to know ALL your options. You want to know THE BEST options.
12 Step programs have been statistically proven to be an INEFFECTIVE option yet have permeated, as you will learn, even our legal system being FORCED on individuals whose addiction has lead them into run-ins with the law.
Not only is this constitutionally WRONG, in terms of rehabilitation it is WRONG.
The rehabilitation process of ANY addict is SUCH an important process. Science, particularly medicine, should be the primary contributor toward that process. BUT
the 12 step programs are a collective of a SPIRITUAL organization that does not subscribe to research, study, or rational. THIS IS DANGEROUS. And INEFFECTIVE.
And as Autonomous creatures we have a right to question and keep questioning until we find a treatment that is 100% ( or damn near close) effective.
PLEASE, let’s keep THINKING. Let’s keep QUESTIONING. And let’s Mute ANY AND ALL organizations that would encourage us the other way.

Here are a series of videos I found on YouTube. They’ll take about a half hour to watch and feature Penn and Teller. No matter how irritating Penn may be I’ve always respected his constant employment of rational and questioning. He is ALWAYS encouraging people to use their brains to process information and come up with their own arguments instead of just believing in what somebody else says. It sounds so skeptical. But it’s not. It’s actually natural. GOD, NATURE, the UNIVERSE, EVOLUTION, whatever, gave us the ability to think, to reason, and we MUST USE IT!!!

I believe in faith. I believe in God and the powers of the universe. And it is because of the strength of my faith in these things that I know I MUST question and think for myself. Because something as BIG as God CANNOT be taught or described by a human being or an organization of human beings. I have to learn and discover a relationship with GOD for myself.

That is my belief. Please formulate your own. AND ALWAYS Question and take into consideration the ideas that may not at first be mainstream. Most especially, your own.




And here is an interesting woman I discovered along the same YouTube dial. Her name is Genita Petralli, and she has an AMAZINGLY interesting view on Alcohol Addiction:

Interesting, healthy and HOPEFUL. Yeah. That’s how I like to feel about treating my mental illness. And I wish the same on others.
The reason I am posting this is NOT to diminish the success some people have found in the 12 steps but to address the issue of the MANY MORE who it has not helped and to offer them other options. I also need to say that not agreeing with the beliefs of another does not mean I do not, or can not believe in them, in their integrity as a human and the validity of their views. I know how important this topic is to all the individuals living with this illness or devoting their lives toward treating this illness. I want to strengthen this process, not tear it down. But if dissecting it is part of understanding it well enough to build new ways, more effect ways of dealing with it, then that is where I am willing to begin. My hope is that others will join in this discussion.

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