It Must Have Been Love- Drew Ryniewicz

“Make believing we’re together
 That I’m sheltered by your heart 
    But in and outside I turn to water 
         Like a teardrop in your palm” -Per Gessle                                        
(It must have Been Love)

It’s clear I favor Melanie Amaro to win the USA X Factor competition, but this version of this song did something to me. I felt like it was me singing it. That this is how the song was supposed to sound and I LOVED Roxette’s version; it was one of my favorite songs. But this girl did something to this song, made it a heart song, one that expresses only the deepest and most honest emotions. I really wish she would record the whole song. I would buy it.

And I’m thinking of him. I’m thinking of how I will never feel good enough because of how beautiful and successful and smart he is. That all he’s achieved in his life had been in my reach to achieve in mine had I not had these fatal flaws that weigh on me with the harsh reality of failure. How I will love him and keep him in my heart. And never forget him. But never call him. Because he’s too good for me.

But this song sings of how I feel under my covers. When I’m cuddling my pillow and cocooned in my blanket. When I nuzzle my dog. This is what I’m taking comfort from; this longing. For missing him and wishing I were all he deserves.

“Make believing we’re together 
That I’m sheltered by your heart”

-Because it’s what I dream of, him wanting me and in doing so giving me that thing that I can’t give myself, Supporting me until I’m strong enough to do so on my own.

“But in and outside I turn to water Like a teardrop in your palm” 

-Because I know that he’d not waste his time on me. Like a tear drop falling on him in a rainstorm, would he know I was something different? A tear drop instead of rain?

If I believed so, then it’s with a part of me that is only strong enough to admit it, not pursue it. How I wish he’d come around.

Enjoy this lovely song. It was beautiful to begin with, but it’s been made more so.

I looked for images that depicted unrequited love. This one summed it up.
Just found this:
I’ve got to say this song is my sing song. That desire of a lost soul to be found by someone who can help them tap into their deepest potential. But what I worry about is, am I just chasing a Phantom, like this character ( from Broadway’s Jekyl and Hyde) or am I longing for what Linda Eder found in her husband, that perfect partner, that not only matches you, but who you are also the compliment for….

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