JOG- George Carlin

This past week has been a really difficult one for me. I suffered a big disappointment, one that came from someone I believed in, and the hurt sent me to the border line of depression. I get low. Really low. And the lack of work available did nothing to keep my mind off things. Of course there are always other things to do. But I spent the whole week dreaming and my mind is so powerful that waking became painful. Where I am right now is here: it’s 4:55 a.m. I’m typing my blog and then forcing myself out into the dark and cold for a morning jog. I find that no other jogs work for me. It’s basic, simple, get up and get going. If I start my day this way then I’ll do fine today. I have work so I’m motivated. It’s the down days that I find difficult to deal with. I do marvel that I am still standing. I’m pissed that I can’t always get myself moving. My fault, the worlds fault? Probably a little of both. Really. And I’m doing what I can now to focus on me, making myself feel better, and getting well. I can’t keep eating the way I have been. The dairy and sugar is tearing me apart. I’m a sugar addict and lactose intolerant so the past few days of chocolate, cupcakes, cheese and licorice has been toxic. I’m trying to get back on track. The sadness threw me off for a bit. I suppose to a degree that’s natural and so I’m refusing to chastise myself for it. I want nothing but the best for myself. I’m learning that I deserve it. And I’m awake this morning, early A.M. to once again regain my footing and move my life back onto the path I want it on… So I hope you don’t mind me cutting this blog short 🙂 If I don’t get my jog on, I’ll be pissed.

Enjoy this- the summary of all my thoughts, motivation and and understanding- Plus! It’s funny as hell:
All I can say is had I been born a man about eighty years ago- this would have been me.


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