Man Stealer- Jenn and Angie

Check out this video:

I pose this question to you because I want a discussion. What do you really believe? Is it REALLY possible to STEAL a human being? It certainly is of low moral stature to actively pursue an individual in a monogamous relationship. BUT, if that person weren’t willing they could not be persuaded. Jennifer Aniston is the famous “victim” of infidelity, teaching us that even beauty and super stardom can’t protect us from such heart ache. And Miss Jolie certainly did seem to make a career out of taking other people’s men (her second husband and infamous concubine Billy Bob Thornton had been in a steady, four year long relationship with Laura Dern when he met Jolie).  Now coming from where I come from I would not have had an issue with either Dern or Aniston kicking the living shit out of Angelina. I do love Angie, but sometimes, for certain things, you deserve to get your ass kicked and going after someones man is one of those times. Not killed, not permanently maimed, but definitely beat and slightly bloody. That’s just deserved. It’s a no no. You don’t do it. BUT,
what of the men?
Were they really STOLEN or were they just led away willingly? I happen to think it’s choice B. Doesn’t mean you can’t still be mad as hell about it, but it’s true. She didn’t steal him. She left the door open for him, probably walked naked in front of the window a couple of times too, but he willing walked away from you and into her world. So yes, he deserves an ass woopin’ too. They both do. Because it’s wrong to not consider the feelings and well being of another; the other person and the relationship. I believe a relationship becomes a whole other life, an entity in itself and a person that is willing to ignore that for their own pleasure is most certainly being slimy. BUT, they can not make happen what one partner will not allow to happen.
STEAL is just the wrong word. It implies no fault on the part of the man, or whomever was the one who cheated and for certain they were an active partner in the wrong doing.
And, In my opinion,
It most certainly is wrong doing. You are breaking a promise to someone, someone who trusted you and was keeping their promise to you. It demonstrates a lack of integrity and that most certainly is a character flaw. We are all only as good as our word. If we do not do the things we say then we have to do some work on ourselves until we can. Integrity. Living as you would have others live and walking what you talk. Simple.
But not easy.
And we have temptations don’t we? Oh yes we do. But do we give into them? That yes or no is wholly up to us. We are not inanimate objects- nobody can STEAL us. We have to give ourselves away. What we give and who we give it to however will demonstrate who we are inside…

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