Erin Henry was featured on MSN glo today with her personal story on finding her place in the modeling industry as well as her struggle for self acceptance.
Here it is:

It’s funny how it worked. She excepted herself and then found happiness. Because people will tell you all your life what you are supposed to be based on what works for them at the time. Don’t listen. They’re thinking about their needs not yours and you are not their subservient. You were not designed to make others happy. You, as an individual were designed to make happiness and the only way you can do that it by being happy yourself. When you believe others when they tell you negative things about who you are, you’re too fat, too skinny, too poor, not good enough, a loser what happens is you allow negativity into your person. Allowing negativity in negates happiness.You’ve now defied your purpose. You’re a happy maker remember. This doesn’t mean you’ll always be happy. What it means is that you are focused on your good not your bad. And you will not allow others to USE you, YES, USE you. That is what they will do if you let them. And then they will tell you’re not good enough anyway. Leave those people behind. If you give what they’ve said even one second of your time beyond realizing how horrible they are then you’ve done yourself a disservice.

I recently got into an online debate with a Huffington Post user that felt my comments on certain Equinox Gym ads were anti-feminist and driven by jealousy. Here is the article taken from Bliss Tree:

I’d commented on the diminished and unhealthy body types of their female models. She insisted I was jealous of their beauty. I saw no beauty to be jealous of. I saw beautiful photos not beautiful people; there is a significant difference! I saw unfortunate young women who had listened to their agents or photographers when they were told they were “too fat” just as Erin Henry had. I saw young women who had unnatural frames and when I openly stated that unnatural frames such as these are gotten through unnatural means such as anorexia and drug abuse I was berated by this other user for promoting stereotypes.
And then this article by Erin Henry comes along.

Because they are NOT stereotypes. Drugs and eating disorders ARE REALLY the only way you can attain these UNNATURALLY thin frames. THE ONLY way. If you are treating your body well by eating right and exercising regularly (but not excessively) you’ll have a toned and lean figure, not an emaciated one. There is not beauty in the body of a women who has given up her sense of self for money and industry approval. It’s sad to me.

Why is it the case that people must be unhealthy to be models? Still it is standard. Do designers lack the talent to produce clothes that look amazing on HEALTHY body types? It would be interesting to know. I for one am really tired of the tall, alien looking individuals that pose in the magazines. I WANT to see soft and supple bodies, curves. And that goes for men too. OH GOD how I HATE those diminished boy frames that make me feel like I’m looking at a photo of my son when he was seven. YUK. Fashion magazines should be focused on BEAUTY. And YES, they are FILLED with beautiful photographs, but that is NOT reality. In reality you would not think most of these people were very beautiful at all. You’d offer to by them lunch.

What I think is funny is that before photographs became the norm people were not attracted to this sort of frame at all. But photos are very false things. They alter everything. They do not see the way the eye sees things. They are interpreting our world in an industrial and mechanical way that we, with our eyes are stupidly allowing to convince us. If we saw these models in person we would not be as impressed. In fact we might be scared. We probably would be. And the layers of make up. All this crap should be for entertainment purposes only. But it isn’t. Individuals are allowing it to define them, to shape them to tell them who they should be. If you’re willing to live by somebody else’s definitions then you’ll never get off your knees. Take a stand. For yourself.

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