The Greatest Love of All

Do we get it NOW????!!! Drugs KILL, they KILL, that’s what they do, they don’t make us happy they are NO fun, they just fucking KILL, even the people who struggle to break their influence. THEY KILL. And this amazing human being is done. Thank God she shared her voice with us for enough years that we will never be able to forget her. In my opinion her voice will NEVER be topped. It was the epitome of God given genius and in her prime there was no match for her. Still today there is no voice that compares to her. Her SOUL, her variations, her vocal acrobatics, her RHYTHM, ALL OF IT was incomparable. Yet she didn’t love herself. I remember listening to her 2002 interview with Diane Sawyer, I’ve attached it here:

“She’s a female, and NO ONE can touch me as an Entertainer, so I don’t worry about it” “No one can out sing her, but no one can out perform me, I know that”- Bobby Brown.
The fact that he could sit next to his wife and talk shit like that makes me want to smack the fucker upside his head. Do you hear the pride? Watch the video. He can’t praise her without flipping a switch and praising himself. And he has to keep her under his thumb “this is mine”.
NO YOU ASS, this is not yours, was not yours, YOU NEVER deserved her, yet she allowed herself to live under his thumb. She placed herself under his thumb. I highly recommend you watch the full interview here:

Part 1

Part 2

She ADMITS that she stayed in her marriage to prove the people wrong that told her it wouldn’t work: PRIDE. Excessive PRIDE. And DENIAL. She is defensive and desperate for someone to SEE her, to understand that she is FULL OF SHIT and LYING LIKE CRAZY and absolutely desperate for someone to stand up to her arrogance, break it the fuck down and pull her out of her misery. But everybody stood back and let things be. And when they finally reached out to her it was too late. 
She was an incomparable talent and NONE of it mattered to her as much as her desperate need to belong to someone else. If a sensation like Whitney could allow herself to be degraded, abused and whittled down by a man is it so odd that other women do it everyday?
WATCH- at how much she LOVED to sing when she started out:

And slowly she dwindled. Because she lost it, she lost loving herself. You remember, 
“The Greatest Love of All” ?
Now can we cut this shit? When will we be ready to stare down the drug addict, the alcoholic, the addict in our lives and say NO MORE> because self hating weakens, pride infects and drugs KILL. That’s the progression, and it’s inevitable if it’s not interrupted, intervened.
God Bless you, you AMAZING woman. Whatever your end, I am grateful for all you shared.
Thank You Whitney, not only for your life’s work of great music but for the lesson your untimely death has made all too clear to a little girl like me, who will learn from you. I am listening as clearly to this lesson you leave me with as I will be to your songs until the day I die which, thanks to you, may have just gotten a hell of a lot longer.
Don’t let yourself bring you down, with a man as the weight and you the warden chaining yourself to him. The Greatest Love of All… Learning to love yourself.
Rest in Peace Whitney – there will NEVER be another like you.

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