Lazy Day

Intrepidatiously exploring through waves and boats,  wind and rocks! LOL.

       Would somebody please tell me what a “lazy day” is? Because my son has been yelling for one all day. We’re on vacation from school this week and it seems today, because his friend isn’t available to hang-out, he wants me to be okay with his devoting an entire day to lounging in bed playing video games. We have stuff to get done, errands to run, shopping to do but he’d rather stay at home and play video games. I’ve discussed my relationship with his video games before. I’ve actually grown fond of them. But when the weather is a BEAUTIFUL 75 degrees, cool breeze rustling the new buds on the blooming trees, sunshine lending a yellow hue to all below and cotton candy clouds are floating in the sky, Am I ridiculous to insist the little shit head get outside and play? I don’t think so. Take a walk, a hike, meander through the woods of a park with Shelby and I. Seriously. It’s not a far fetched request. We spent yesterday kayaking L.I. sound with Shelby on board. So cute. She was terrified but heck, she belongs with us so I wasn’t going to leave her home.

Baby girl πŸ™‚ She’s all soggy and ch

These days leaving Shelby home alone means returning to garbage ripped up and littered everywhere and sometimes poop in the living room and pee on the beds. She’s come down with separation anxiety and I understand why. For years of Shelby’s life I worked as a waitress/bartender at night with my mother watching Douglas while I was at work. Shelby was never alone. Now, with the change in our schedules Shelby has to, for the first time in her life, at a very advanced stage in her life ( she’s 13 years old- just turned on April 14th!), she is being asked to be alone for eight hours a day, five days a week and it doesn’t suit her. Some days she’s okay. Douglas and I have developed a “lock-down” routine before leaving the house each day: We make sure Shelby is comfy in her kitchen nook, close our bedroom doors so she can’t get in, close the bathroom door so she can’t get in, move the foot stool away from the day bed in the living room so she can’t get up, and Douglas (brilliant) has even taken to putting the kitchen garbage can in his bedroom before he closes it

After we arrived on one of the many islands in our local L.I. archipelago

up so that Shelby won’t pounce on it while we’re gone and leave us the landfill like messes we’ve been coming home to. Phew! That’s a lot to think about. But this separation anxiety has gotten it’s ugly claws into my baby girl and it hasn’t eased up. The office downstairs from our apartment says they can hear her howl during the day as well. Funny because when we’re home with her all she does is sleep. She’s really not happy being without us. At this stage in her life it’s a lot to ask of her. How many ninety-one years old do you know who can make adjustments quickly? That’s her age in dog years,  91. And she looks damn good. But it is what it is and will be what it will be. For now, we take her everywhere she’s allowed to go with us and until the summer season starts we’ll be taking her kayaking with us. She’s adorable on the Islands. Douglas enjoys himself too. So, on a day like today, he can suck it up and go hiking, or something today? Who says you can’t be lazy outside? Hang out in the yard, chill in the sun, do something where the wind can tap your skin and the sun can kiss your cheeks. C’mon! But boy am I lucky to have these problems now, compared to where I was this time last year. Absolutely Blessed, I’ve gotta say πŸ™‚

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