6:14 Faith

How you treat others has nothing to do with who they are; it’s about who you are. A gentlemen would no sooner hold a door open for a supermodel then a 300 pound, cross-eyed, bearded women with two teeth and a limp. Because he’s not doing it to impress them, to get laid or to get attention. He’s doing it to help somebody out and who ever that body happens to be is irrelevant. Goodness comes from deep down inside. It’s integral and few people have it. The one’s who do shine like suns. As my friend Nicole would say, they have their own light. They could feed the world with their energy. They are rare and beautiful. But any of us can learn from them. More to the point, we can be inspired by them to change our behavior into something that resembles theirs. We may not be able to figure it out for ourselves but we most certainly can follow along. Too many individuals are ego motivated. I’ve heard too much mis-talk on individuality and living for yourself. Some go so far as to try and justify selfishness and self-centeredness but those two things are ultimately the way to isolation and misery. So, here’s hoping that those people have simply misinterpreted and confused those definitions for things such as self-respect and confidence. Being yourself, living for yourself, is most successful when you relinquish your ego all together. It’s the ego that forces us into the idea that we are better then others, we have a right to treat one person one way and another person differently, that those who are different then us are some how lower then us- all of these thoughts are ego motivated and ultimately isolating. The driving force behind ego is fear. If you like fear running your life well then I am so sorry for you. You’re lost and don’t know it and no, the not knowing doesn’t make it any better. Fear is the ultimate loss. It’s the ultimate defeat. And I see people curtailing to it everyday. Fear is what drives self-centeredness and selfishness. It’s what tells us that making the world all about ourselves is what gets us far, makes us money, gives us power. Confidence comes from not being afraid at all. Or, at least not being afraid of fear. When I think of the mistakes I’ve made, people I’ve hurt and ways I’ve disappointed myself and others it all whittles down to fear. When I take responsibility for the losses in my life, my misfortunes and mistakes, I see my initial choices were motivate by fear. My remedy is simple.
The rain.
The sky, trees, birds flying over head and gentle sounds of breezes through trees. I have to remember that I’m never alone and that I’m always a part of something bigger just because I’m alive.
The feeling of disconnect brings fear onto the playing field. Once you feel isolated fear has already taken over the game. It will win.
Find ways to feel connected, every day.
Over the past few decades we have become increasingly secular. What that has done to us as communities, as a country, has been detrimental. Because too many of us have mistaken the heart of secularism as hollow and disconnected. Our distrust for religions in general has lead us to distrust faith. How is that even possible? Faith is the ultimate trust. And religion and faith are not synonymous. Loosing faith has driven fear into many hearts leaving them hollow and aching for fulfilment. So ego moves in and tells us it’s okay to be alone, all we need is ourselves.
It’s wrong.
We need much more then that.
We need the earth. We need the sky. We need the stars. We’re really never without them. We are really never alone. Ironically, but beautifully, if we stay connected to all these things the place it leads is right back here, to each other. Understanding, accepting, how connected we are to the universe leads us right back to being connected to other people. By staying connected we choose to make fear irrelevant and ultimately make ourselves happy. The rain has always inspired me. Initially our egos would say it’s bad, sunshine is better, it’s more conducive to our life style of driving, and hurrying places. But at heart rain is just the other side of sunshine. It’s the time when all the nutrients Sunshine brings gets to seep into the earth to be utilized. Balance I think is key. Too much rain would depress anyone. But after two beautiful days of sunshine the rain feels like a blessing. And my dog teaches me that it’s the perfect time to be peaceful, to settle in and practice patience. The sun will come out again. The rain tests our resolve and refreshes us in the process. Plus, it’s just plain old fun. Getting wet usually is 😉 It has it’s own bright side, it’s own light and whether or not we see it is our choice, it’s about who we are.

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