My nose was runny so I needed a tissue (couldn’t find one anywhere in the classroom I was covering today). I’m looking left,
looking right,
under the desk,
under books on the desk,
inside any drawer that would open,
scanning the rest of the room, shelves, desks, tables on all four walls in search of tissue.
And the watery snot on the tip of my nose engorged;
dripping was imminent.
A student of mine finally asked me,
“What are you looking for?”
“Tissue,” I said.
“Doesn’t he have any tissue in this room?”
“Yeah, here.”
and she reached about a foot infront of her to a pile on the other side of my desk,
pulled up the box
and placed it in front of me.
What I took from this?

Sometimes all it takes is a change of perspective to find what you’re looking for.


To get my ass up out of my seat before I decide I’ve searched thouroughly.
First one’s more poetic though.

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