The Bar

Standards keep going up.
That’s what the newspapers say.
That’s what employment offices say.
But that’s not what the results show.
That’s what I’m talking about but I have no doubt you could apply this to many other fields.
Every teacher now has to be certified with a masters degree,
and now it’s recommended they be duel certified.
So how come tests results aren’t improving?
How come drop out rates aren’t dropping?
And beyond this, how come literacy, as well as elocution keep slipping?
If the bar keeps getting raised to become a teacher,
then how come is bares no relation to the function of teaching?
I’m certainly not trying to unload the sorry state of our education system on teachers.
What I am pointing out is that these “bars”, these minimum standards for qualifications into
entry level positions, are getting higher and higher,
but the relative pay is not.
And the quality that these bars are supposed to be ensuring doesn’t exist.
So why the raising of the bar?
It has nothing to do with quality.
It has to do with making things harder and harder for people who start low to climb high.
These standards are bogus obstacles put into place by people who had no such things in there way when they started out.
What exactly are they afraid of?
Maybe that we find out that these standards are effects and have absolutely nothing to do with function and performance?
When in a profession does it happen that a select few get together and decide that what they are doing is so amazing they should form a commitee that decides how all others in that field are judged from then on?
Who are these people?
And why are we listening to them?

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