Snow Day

Today is a snow day.
Only a delay for the district in which I teach
but our town district has the full day off.
So my son gets to sleep in.
Funny, as soon as I got word that school was canceled,
I almost became my mother.
When I was a school girl she’d always wake us up to tell us we didn’t have to wake up.
I hated it.
Wasn’t that just pointless?
Let us sleep.
But I almost did it.
I almost walked into my son’s room to wake him up and tell him he had no school.
That pause and breath I took made the difference.
Today he’ll sleep late.
Without interruption.
And he’ll enjoy the entire experience of having the day off.
Starting off with uninterrupted sleep.
I’m tempted to take the day off myself.
But we can’t afford it.
So I’ll linger around the living room, perhaps take in a T.V. show or two
and then get my toosh on a later train.
Then I’ll enjoy getting the same pay for a shorter day 😉
I love snow.

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