Chris Matthews: Breaking Through

Here it is. (Above). Watch and exhale! A video of immense importance. The Morning Joe discussion on MSNBC from this past Friday (9/30/2016). It does two things that are damn near impossible:

1.) Makes sense of this election

2.) Demonstrates our Press actually doing its job

This segment shows not only the intellect but the wisdom of Mr. Chris Matthews as he nails the Trump phenomenon AND gets to the heart of the American middle class in under 5 minutes.


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“When you get it, you get it, and you can get there quickly.”

I am so glad someone was listening – actually listening – not repeating, redistributing, retweeting, sharing, tagging or just regurgitating, but ACTULLY LISTENING to what is import to Americans. Sometimes, you can’t articulate what’s wrong because so much is wrong at the same time. Chris Matthews made sense out of all the chaos. Why isn’t this man running for President? Unfortunately  peoples are so angry they probably wouldn’t listen. Heck, I  know strict Catholics voting for Trump, even though he, beyond all other candidates, degrades all Catholic ideals. People are just so angry, disheartened, depressed and, sorry to say, desperate. The change that Obama ran on did not come – at least not fast enough or big enough – to reach the impulsive mentality of the American metaconscience. And so now, we want to get on board with the guy who attacked him every year of his presidency.

– Hey! My world isn’t perfect after Obama – Obama was supposed to change the American government, the status quo, of the last 40 years – and since that didn’t happen in 8 years, we should listen to the guy who hated him all along – Donald Trump

Maybe he was right all along? Maybe Obama was a liar, a status-quo politician in sheep’s clothing?

Unfortunately, people expect change today as quickly as they expect their emails to load, their tweets to update, their likes and responses on Facebook to appear.

That is not the way change works.

The redistribution of wealth, the balancing of our treasury, the stabilization of our economy, this is not point-and-click stuff. Many people voting for the first time do not know this. They were raised with calculators and “modeling” (it’s a teaching strategy that’s as ineffective as time-outs, Google it) in math class, smart phones with instant messages, they didn’t have to learn how to temper their impulses and struggle for answers. This is a lesson lost on many voters, and it is a problem for all of us. They have lost or never developed those necessary neuro-pathways that enable them to discern the slow-moving, that enable them to pick-up on details and that allow them to be patient and not balk at the first sign of resistance. We have to get it back.

Another thing we have to get back? Parents.

The Prince and Princess of Wales were also making headlines today (as is often the case).

Enjoy these photos from Just Jared at

The powerful impact it had on me was shocking but telling. I realized in scrolling those photos of the happy family of four, not posed but candid, that those children may never know how fortunate they are, not only for their billions of dollars, their titles, or their influence, but for their parents! They have parents who spend more of the day with them than away from them. That is not the case with many of our children, who are predominately raised in daycare, spending up to 60 hours a week away from BOTH PARENTS, from the tender age of 12 weeks. This isn’t a moral judgment, it’s an alarm. In doing what we thought was right, we’ve been wrong, and we’ve got to fix that.

“You don’t run away with a walk-away-Joe because you’re pissed at your parents”

(Trisha Yearwood’s lovely song where I stole the walk-away-Joe phrase. Have a listen. It’s powerful, she’s amazing and a young Matthew McConaughey stars in the video!)

Donald Trump is far from a solution, certainly not the cure, but his popularity has brought many vital problems to the surface- issues that are integral to who we are as a United people – and THAT is what we should be listening to and talking about.

On a personal note: I don’t understand why Sanders fell to the wayside.


I’m confused too Mr. Sanders

I guess when you mention the word “Socialism” people stop listening, smh

The sad truth is what Mr. Sanders talked about didn’t need the title “Socialism”. It should have been called the “Get Back to US-ism”, because that is what his policies offered us. Hand-outs for the poor? No way. Just not continued hand-outs for the rich (which is, decidedly, what has harmed our economy and our social structure more than any other change in government policy). Yet I get why voting 3rd party is dangerous – because of Trump and the false solution that he is.

Special thanks to: Cast and Crew of Morning Joe  Chris Matthews and Hardball   Just Jared staff

And:  me, shameless self- promoter, Michelle Santagate @NokomisMichelle


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