Hi All. Join my journey as I write my first novel, a Sci-Fi/Fantasy triology titled 96. Below is a “concept art” sketch I drew and I hope it’s clear enough for you to make out some of the major characters in this saga. Enjoy a synopsis of book one below:

SYNOPSIS:Whole 96 2

96 is a two dimensional representation of the universal matrix but Madeline thinks it’s only a number. It’s woven into the fabric of her life, the year she graduated from high school, addresses where she’s lived, on bills and checks and clocks and license plates of all kinds, always repeating itself for Madeline to see. But she’s had other things to focus on. A single mother, she’s had a hard life filled with disappointments, financial strife and family dysfunction. Despite all the pit-falls however, she’s managed to raise her son to believe in his dreams and have the courage to pursue them.


Raising Davis is the only thing Madeline has been able to stick to and she’s done a great job. Davis is a pilot, head strong and brave, determined to save the world and his mother. But with his 18th birthday approaching and his imminent departure for university, she’s left unemployed and living Nani, her best friend and a perpetual cynic. Rising tensions between her and Nani, exacerbate Madeline’s struggle to be brave enough to live up to her full potential. After years of stifling herself to be a good mom, a run in with a mysterious stranger inspires her to revisit her gifts. She’s had special abilities since she was 19 years old, ones allowing her to be in three places at the same time, but she locked them away, afraid to use them.


It’s Ansel’s job to chart new territories, but he isn’t prepared for Madeline. On a specialized scouting trip to document Earth and human behavior, he meets his ‘other half’ in Madeline. His fascination with her becomes an obsession. Tasked by over lords that have both saved and enslaved his people, he finds himself divided between fulfilling his role in their plans to re-inhabit Earth and his own desires to understand his connection with Madeline. They are polar opposites, but think the same. They have never met, but know each other. He’s searching for his other half and she’s searching for herself. The two uncover the origins of religious canon, ancient mythology, and human behavior in order to understand the unique connection between them.

Shifting between New England, USA and the fictional planet of Benai, 96 explores the theory of twin flames not only through vibrations and energy but through space and time. Benai is Earth’s shadow planet. Silently lurking tens of thousands of light-years away. Once thought to be non-existent, it is now a scientific possibility because of The Planet Nine Hypothesis. Here, the forgotten human off-spring called Nephilim live and serve lords that humans have written off as myth and religion. Harold, Ansel’s best-friend and kin-through-cloning, is tired of living a life of 22 hour work days and no freedom. Birthed from an embryotic pod with no mother’s love, Harold is socially awkward but curious, and he is determined to liberate his people. Ansel agrees with his purpose but not his methods of open revolution. But within Ansel’s new connection with Madeline, there may be a path to compromise. Their connection has an uncanny similarity with an ancient story of two warring species, the Yan-Gai and the Inallis. The hatred between these opposite cultures caused destruction throughout the galaxy and though it seems that peace was realized, the truth is that war was only slumbering.


96 Unfolding is part one of the 96 trilogy that explores the twin flame relationship, soul-mates, alien intervention in human evolution and our origins on planet Earth. It relies on the transcendental ideal that greatness lives in every human (if they have the courage to realize it) and the Eastern ideal that balance is essential to existence. Through sarcasm, sex, philosophy and friendship, the characters in 96 uncover universal truths through haphazard adventure.