Daily Tarot

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Daily Tarot: Feb. 11, 2020

Daily Tarot: Feb. 10th, 2020 –  Think about it.

Today is a day to take in information. Ruminate. It’s not the time to decide. If you rush into decisions you could mess things up royally. So wait. Everything is working the way you want it to just in it’s own time. Taking this time to align what you know with what you feel will help insure that the decisions you are making are aligned with your life’s purpose. When you think about it, how do you feel? If you’re happy you’re in alignment with your soul. If you’re miserable, stressed, or worried it’s not right for you.

Daily Tarot, Feb. 6th, 2020

Daily Tarot, Feb. 5th, 2020

There is a big difference between a passion and a profession. Sometimes our desire to make them one and the same ends up ruining our passion for what we once loved. It’s time to sit back and take a break to help us determine if this exhaustion we feel is because we no longer have the passion for what we do, or simply the need to rest for a while.

Daily Tarot, Feb. 4th, 2020 

Special LIVE on YouTube Pick-a-card! The message you need right now 😉

Daily Tarot: Chill. Jan. 31, 2020

Daily Tarot: Energy Shift, Jan. 29, 2020

The energy is moving in your favor but the status quo has put up a blockade. It can feel the shift too, it just doesn’t want to relinquish the comfort it’s grown accustomed to. Well, too bad old for the status quo. As for you, hold on. That’s all you can do. Keep going and except that discomfort is apart of this process. There is beauty on the other side of the sea, but for now we’re in the middle of the storm. You’re protected. Spirit has got your back. But you have to keep going. #keepswimming

Daily Tarot: A surprise reconciliation, Jan. 28, 2020

Whatever  you’re thinking it’s probably not it. This is from so long ago you’re actually over it. You moved on and filled in all the cracks it left behind. You learned and lived and now you’re happy. In other words, you’ve already forgiven this. But Karma didn’t. It remembered what you went through, and even though you’ve made all the repairs, and earned all the money back, and healed your heart, you’re still getting this pay-out. Because Karma pays it’s debts. Don’t worry, this time it a really good thing.

Daily Tarot: A Reality Shift, Jan. 24, Aquarius New Moon, 2020


Today is the day we wake out of our dreams, because though they were beautiful they were keeping us immobile. What we used to want, all those things that swirled in our head creating our version of perfection have fallen, broken into sand, and scattered. What we are left with is a clear head and wide open eyes. Enjoy this beautiful January day and remember, one person’s reality today is winter, but another’s is summer. Reality shifts with changes in perspective. Much love to you all 🙂