Daily Tarot

Daily Tarot, August 20, 2019
Do you know that voice inside you? The one that keeps saying -“This is what makes me happy”? That one. That’s the one you have to listen to. Even if you’re not making money, even if things are rough, that’s the voice you have to trust. Today we get reminded of the conflict between what we want and what is being offered to us. Which do we choose, and when do we decide to manifest what we want into what we have. We orchestrate our own lives, for better or worse. The choices we make decide where we end up in life, what we end up doing, and who we do it with. So, choose to always be doing something you love. Choose the life that suits you. Don’t make the choices that are right for others and expect to be happy. Happiness is a result of authenticity. Are you being authentic?
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Daily Tarot, August 19, 2019
Today is a very hard day. But a good one. It’s the kick in the ass we needed, the ugly truth we had to confront to get our shit together. Good things are coming in. They are. But they require sacrifice, the relinquishment of pride and fear. Can you do it?
Daily Tarot, August 15, 2019
Happy full moon in Aquarius, the zodiac sign of TRUTH and higher purpose, community and philanthropy. Participate today. Be surrounded by your community. Feel the connection between you and all the other life forces buzzing, humming, singing around you. Today is a beautiful new day. A new start to a new life. The old one is left behind. It has no power over us. The truth has set us free and now,… the canvas is reset.
Daily Tarot, August 14, 2019
We’re back in the flow of things. We see today more than any day that we’ve changed and it’s for the better. We’ve matured. We’re ready. This new road IS us. We are the water.
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Daily Tarot, August 13, 2019
The devil is in the details today. We’re experiencing so much broad reaching, “big-picture” energy we’re not paying attention to the details of our lives, the little things – crossing those “t”s and dotting those “i”s – and that is where we’re going to get tripped up today. It’s like we’re looking up and out at the panorama picture and not paying attention to the pebbles tripping us under our feet. Move slowly today. And look down every once in a while. You may get messages or reminders today that your significant other is really, after all, just a mere human and not the king or queen you put them on a pedestal to be. This is it’s own blessing. Because falling for the grit and bumps is how you know you’re really in love 🙂
No matter how much we trip today, let’s keep going. Don’t take anything people say today too personally. It’s a tense kind of energy that could have people popping off. We’ll get through it. By realizing we’re all just mere mortals.
Daily Tarot, August 12, 2019
Hello all. Today is a VERY good day, for planting! Jupiter is direct so let’s manifest with him. He’s the father of  fortune and abundance the master of the big picture. Are you ready to set your intentions? Just like it was a new moon, let’s write down the three things we want most in life and plant the paper outside. We’ll let our intentions grow with the power of Jupiter and watch the world open for us.
Daily Tarot, Augusts 6th
We’ve been through the ringer this Cancer season and the old scars haven’t worn off. They remain to make us stronger. Unfortunately, those experiences were we earned those scars stick with us too, and they’ve left a lasting impression. Even though everything really is going to be okay now that we’re securely into Leo Season and Mercury has gone direct we’re still afraid. And that fear is draining our joy. But we don’t have to be it’s captive. We can use our memories to remember all those people who have believed in us when we were too weak to believe in ourselves. We can lean on their insight and faith in our potential until we’re fully healed. That’s why we have each other.

Daily Tarot, August 1, 2019

We need this respite. Today  you will feel the release, the relief, the balance coming back. You won’t SEE the results yet, but it’s there, coming in. We’ve turned the corner out of a VERY emotional Cancer Season to a lighter, energize Leo Season and as Mercury Retrograde waves goodbye, our lives pick up the pace.


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